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  • What should we know about Avast?

    Time: Dec. 7, 2019

    Investing in a high quality antivirus program is essential if you want to use your devices on the Internet in 2019 and beyond. Avast Internet Security 1 PC 1 Year Key Global is the largest option in the antivirus market and has been installed on millions of PCs and mobile devices worldwide.

    Avast has many features both as part of its free plan and for premium customers. This is our recommended option for Android users.

    Avast focuses on virus protection and even the free plan blocks threats like ransomware. To increase overall network security, Avast provides a network analysis tool to help you find vulnerabilities and suggest solutions.

    Avast Premium customers receive phishing protection against web DNS and a sandbox tool that allows them to test new software and test unknown files for infections.

    This isolated test environment generally prevents potential malware from interacting with the files on your PC and your system, and Avast can handle the infected files that it recognizes for you. Avast customers can also use Avast Secure Browser, a custom Avast browser with additional privacy and security features.

    Premium subscribers enjoy additional privacy with a security tool that restricts access to their webcam to prevent potential hackers from watching or recording the stream. Avast also provides encryption for your files to prevent ransomware encryption, as well as a tool to safely delete certain files.

    Avast Ultimate subscribers can also use Avast passwords. This password manager is for basic use but does not replace 1Password.

    Avast currently has three product plans, Avast Free is an independent plan. Avast Free comes standard with Avast protection and some amazing extras like a simple password manager and a network scanner.

    Avast Premium Security is Avast's first premium plan, although technically it is a two-level plan. Premium Security Single-Device provides antivirus protection for a Windows PC, as well as Avast antivirus protection, email and phishing protection, the Sandbox test tool and file encryption against malware.

    At the top of the product list is Avast Ultimate. Avast SecureLine VPN and Avast passwords included. Interestingly, it is only compatible with a Windows PC, which is one step back from Multi-Device Premium Security.

    For most customers, Avast Premium Multi-Device is the best plan unless you really want to use the Avast VPN and Additional Password Manager.

    Avast has an easy-to-use installer for beginners that sets the benchmark for antivirus installations. Only a few entries are required unless you want to customize the installer before starting.

    Avast is not in hundreds of categories, but only in four. For example, "Protection" shows your antivirus options and your network protection with sandbox mode. Avast has a useful description that explains the purpose of each function.

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