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What is the features of Bitdefender and AVG?

Sep. 2, 2019

Unless your PC is completely isolated from the outside world, you are still exposed to cyber attacks. It may be an unauthorized file that you downloaded, an attachment to the strange email you opened or an infected USB drive that you connected.

That is why we have antivirus software like AVG and Bitdefender to defend ourselves.

Antivirus software is not just a barrier against viruses. It protects you from any form of cyber threat, from phishing to ransomware. The more features an antivirus provider offers, the better these defenses will be, in theory.

We will review the features of Bitdefender and AVG.

* Bitdefender Antivirus

There is a reason why Bitdefender is still at the top of our list of recommendations. The number of functions offered makes it one of the most secure antivirus on the market. Some features, such as advanced Bitdefender threat defense and real-time real-time data protection, are standard in all Bitdefender plans.

Initially, Bitdefender users use web filtering and anti-tracking protection by default. There is a WLAN vulnerability scanner and an unsecured software scanner to detect possible security vulnerabilities.

Other features, including a blocked browser called Bitdefender Safepay, improve your online security.

Bitdefender goes further and also offers a VPN service, which will not be recognized soon as one of the best VPN providers.

Bitdefender also offers a password manager. It works well with Safepay and gives you secure access to your passwords and secure banking information. You can also use it with Chrome or Firefox.


Bitdefender may be one of our favorites, but AVG is not far behind. It is one of the best free antivirus on the market, but the premium features are not bad either.

AVG combines basic protection against common malware with ransomware protection and some extras, such as the protection of attachments to emails. You can also use the free AVG Secure browser.

Premium users enjoy greater security with a firewall, webcam protection and a complete file destruction tool. You will also receive spam protection for your inbox and DNS protection to prevent phishing attacks.

You can also add anti-theft protection with the advanced AVG Ultimate package. As an additional benefit, you can also subscribe to an additional subscription to AVG Secure VPN.

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