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  • Top 5 Best Sades Backlit Mechanical Keyboards 2020

    Time: Sep. 4, 2020

    When we want to buy the best gaming keyboard, whether we will be bothered by the various gaming keyboards on the market, and don't know how to choose. So, please follow our article, the following is the best gaming keyboard we found.


    1. SADES Whisper gaming keyboard and mouse
    The gaming mouse provides a lifespan of up to 30 million, 3200 dpi, four adjustable levels 800/1200/2400/3200 dpi, 6 buttons (two side buttons, one dpi exchange) with simple 3D rollers in non-slip design ensure function practice. Of course, the entire ergonomic design of the mouse is comfortable to hold and provides a pleasant touch feeling.


    Keyboard options 104 full-size keyboard with membrane switches for durability with increased robustness and responsiveness, hotkeys with medium resistance, precise actuation and tactile push tips, including 11 multimedia keys, ergonomic non-slip and splash-proof design with full numeric keypad.


    Sensible and ergonomic design The underside of the keyboard is made of metal, quite strong and secure. Once you use it, it will stay safe on any guide for any stress. The Sades Whisperkeyboard is ergonomically designed so that you can play with it without getting tired. A fantastic design for your trendy workplace or for playing video games.


    2. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
    Customize the rainbow lighting mode. Backlit mechanical gaming keyboard and LED backlight support 24 backlit modes, modes with excessive playability, press fn + ins / flat / pgup / del / finish / pgdn to regulate. You can also press fn + half the / three / four / 5 key combination to adjust the lighting effect. Four brightness ranges for the backlight, four breathing speeds, switchable water and arrow keys.


    Gaming mouse pads 300 * 250mm large gaming mouse pads, waterproof, washable and easy to scrub. The satin fabric base ensures easy and ultra-precise mouse actions. The multi-layer top deck offers 1000 rays of sunlight that reflect microscopic factors for ultra-precise monitoring. The bottom is a pure foam rubber product that adapts to completely different floors.


    Gaming / Work Keyboard and Mouse / Mat Combo Mechanical gaming keyboard with LED lighting, ergonomic gaming mouse, and rugged mouse pad. Mechanical keyboard with blue swap: mechanical keys without combat, audible click on sound and correct response. The compact and space-saving design with 87 keys creates space in the workplace. A good keyboard and computer combination shouldn't just be good for gaming.


    3. SADES One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    The best keyboard half for gaming keys is in this keyboard half. For example, if you are directly involved in combat in fps / tps video games, this little half keyboard allows you to easily launch your mouse with your wrists at the intent of your enemies, whether you are a vaudeville gamer on your wrist. or arm are.


    Compact and good, no other controller needs a compact and good fit. It contains almost all the keys you need to play video games, no other strange keys, plug it into your USB port, you don't want any software or drivers.


    Plug and Play, save space on your desk The traditional keyboard 104 takes up a lot of space. Taking advantage of that little glory, you essentially have to make the most of the mouse movement over the entire mouse pad area for greater athletic efficiency.


    Black swap more suitable to participate in Gamesblack counters. Click on a sound that is not so loud. Strong sense of rhythm. Has the most efficient mechanical knowledge. These switches snap back, up and down, with no sense of lag, sturdy.


    4. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
    Sensible and ergonomic design The underside of the keyboard is made of metal, quite strong and secure. Once you use it, it will remain safe for any stress in all instructions. The ek-1 keyboard is ergonomically designed so you can play with it without tiring. A fantastic design for your trendy workplace or for playing video games.


    Finer resolution mouse: four adjustable dpi (800, 1200, 2400, 3200). The overspeed transfer ability makes the transfer faster and especially successful. Four preset dpi ranges meet the needs of different situations. For example, if you play video games, you can play them at a high resolution to more quickly maneuver the screen and get a quick response. The mouse can transmit exactly, no matter where or where.


    104-key plug & play full-size keyboard full-size keyboard, including common keyboard layout with F keys and quantity block. Adjustable stands give your palms the ability to sort into a particularly convenient writing area, reducing hand fatigue on your back. The wired keyboard lets you type eco-friendly at work or while gaming.


    Colored LED backlight The keyboard has a colored LED backlight. Even if you use the keyboard in the dark, you can clearly see the alphabet on the key.


    5. Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard
    Good writing skills for the workplace or corporate home; The purely ergonomic mechanical keyboard offers medium resistance, crisp but quieter clicks, and precise touch suggestions for maximum typing efficiency and fewer errors.


    Sturdy aluminum and white ABS construction for aircraft grade aircraft; The computer keyboard is made of standard aircraft grade aluminum and ABS with mechanical keys and panel mounted switches that are as powerful as the powerful professional and industrial functions.


    Wired USB Keyboard - White Model; primary mechanical keyboard 104 white mechanical keyboard with custom switches. Developed to last with increased strength and responsiveness. It comes with a full numeric keypad and a corrosion-free gold-plated USB connector for a reliable connection.


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