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  • The Difference Between PC Matic and McAfee

    Time: Mar. 16, 2020

    McAfee has an advantage over PC Matic, primarily because it can be easily installed, has a high rating for detecting and preventing malicious viruses, and can remove virus traces from your system 100% effectively.


    PC Matic is Internet antivirus software that takes a different approach than its peers in detecting and managing threats that occur on your device's system. PC Matic is literally a PC optimization tool and Antivirus is one of them. This is the first difference we see from the McAfee antivirus suite.


    The second difference between PC Matic and McAfee is that the threat analysis on your PC by PC Matic is very different. A scan is performed on the PC to identify threats. This means that you must scan for malware, benchmark performance, and disk fragmentation.



    When you run a scan on your PC with PC Matic antivirus software, a diagnostic scan is first performed to identify problems. The diagnosis has four components: security, maintenance, stability and performance. This process includes scanning for all forms of malware, unwanted system files, craplets, disk fragmentation, driver updates, broadband quality, and other possible security threats. Then, several benchmarks are carried out and the results are available. Problems that require attention and need to be resolved are marked in red, while those marked in green have passed the test. If you see some that are marked in gray, it means that they have not passed the test and the marked purple tips are, but not absolutely necessary.


    McAfee, on the other hand, makes a very commendable contribution to blocking malware infections on your system, but it has had a major impact on the system and has slowed down your computer in recent years, which of course has been fixed.


    McAfee is also the best solution to detect and block malicious viruses, Trojans, ransomware and all kinds of worms. It is very easy and fast to surf the Internet, watch videos and send emails with ease. You can easily download and upload files, play online games, and perform other tasks without delay, even when analytics are enabled.



    McAfee antivirus software has multiple user licenses and works on all platforms, including Windows and Mac PCs. It also works well on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. McAfee Antivirus Plus is good protection against malware, but it does not offer other great features. Instead, most of the cool and useful features are on other levels.


    For example, McAfee Total Protection is a mid tier that provides maximum protection for your device against most security threats. In addition to McAfee Antivirus Plus features, it includes parental controls to protect your children from adult content. Parental controls also provide the ability to control how much time children spend on the website each day. The level also has the encrypted storage function that prevents hackers or ransomware from entering your system. There is a password manager and a personal firewall. They also have a vulnerability scanner and cryptocurrency shields at this level.


    McAfee can meet all your needs.


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