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  • The 8 New Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches: Speed And BOX

    Time: Feb. 19, 2020

    In recent months, Kaihua (manufacturer of mechanical keyboard switches Kailh) has developed no less than eight new switches. Four of them are speed switches, and four are waterproof and dustproof: useful for careless players, but ideal for industrial environments.

    It seems that Kaihua does not want to miss the phenomenon of speed switches. There are a handful of switches that work and move shorter than standard Cherry switches, and they are all fairly new.

    For example, there is Kirsch's own linear speed switch and the new Razer yellow linear switch. Both follow the example of Logitech with their Romer-G switches. While the standard Cherry and Kailh switches have a 2 mm actuation and a 4 mm full stroke, all the above switches are activated earlier in the key stroke (1.2-1.5 mm) and have a flatter total stroke (3 to 3.5 mm).

    Kaihua, however, considered it appropriate to develop four "speed" switches: gold, silver, copper and, well, the latter's name is in fact controversial. In a document that we bought, the fourth switch is called "platinum", but in the online list it is called "thick gold".

    One could argue that the final decision (thick gold) and the penultimate option (platinum) are also problematic. The colors of platinum and silver are too similar, as are the colors of gold and gold. Thick gold is not in fact all gold; It is quite light brown, perhaps bronze.

    Two of the new Kaihua switches are tactile and clickable, one is linear and the other is tactile. All switches have a total stroke of 3.5 mm.

    The previous trip is simply the distance from the start of the key press to the point of action. However, with the touch and click switches, there is also a pressure point where you can feel the bulge.

    With the gold switch, the pressure point is exactly 1 mm, but the switch only works at 1.4 mm. The copper switch is the reverse of the gold switch: it is activated early in the spring travel (1.1 mm), but the tactile reading is done only after 1.4 mm. On the other hand, the actuation point and the pressure point of the switch in thick gold are at exactly the same point in the stroke: 1.1 mm.

    Also note the brightness of the silver and copper switches: both only need 40 gf to operate. It is a little easier than other common line switches that work at 45 gf.

    The other four new Kailh counters are all nicknamed "BOX". While Kailh speed switches compete directly with other "fast" switches and are designed to maintain the cruciform design to ensure compatibility with the key caps of the aftermarket, BOX switches are of a completely different level.

    First, the difference is in the design of the box. Instead of the crossbar, which only stands out, there is finally a box around it. The case extends to the contact plate and foil, and is designed to keep dust away and prevent moisture that causes corrosion. It is designed for protection in accordance with IP56.

    It also has a transparent top and what looks like a space for an LED in all.

    Weights are nothing new: this is what you would normally expect from a red, brown, blue and black switch, but the slightly flat 1.8mm cable and the total travel of these speed switches are 3 , 6 mm. In addition, their reset points at the actuation points are in order, so they are designed to quickly press the buttons.

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