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  • Norton Security Premium: An Excellent Security Suite

    Time: Jan. 15, 2020

    Symantec is back with a revised version of Norton Security for 2019. Nothing has changed since the last look at Norton. However, there are some notable differences, as well as a new look at the basic performance of the suite.

    This test examines the top version of the suite, Norton Security Premium. In addition to the usual antivirus packages, Norton Security also offers packages that include Lifelock Identity Protection: Symantec acquired Lifelock at the end of 2016.

    As I said last time, one of the first things you notice about Norton Security is that you don't notice it. Once you have installed Norton, it does its job in the background. It is not overloaded with a series of pop-ups that take you to special or similar offers through the various functions or warnings. He simply does his job and allows him to continue his work with minimal interruptions.

    The user interface of Norton Security is more or less the same as a few years ago. The current status of your PC is shown at the top of the window. If it is green and indicates "you are protected", you are ready to begin. What's new in this area is that it now lists how many of your Norton licensed devices are in use. Norton Security Premium 10 PC/25GB Backup 1 Year Key entitles you to install security software on 10 devices.

    There are four main categories in the state area: security, online security, backup and performance. There is also a fifth category called More Norton with additional software. The previous status area changes when you change categories to preview another aspect of your PC.

    In Security, you can perform security checks, update software, view the history of recent security events on your device and use the Advanced option to customize various protection options, such as advanced firewall, intrusion protection, email protection, protection of the browser, etc.

    There is also Norton's Power Eraser, which is designed to eliminate persistent threats, and Norton Insight, a function that checks files on your computer to determine which files should be monitored more closely. You can also view a diagnostic report that verifies several problems, for example, if the hardware is not working properly, your operating system is up to date and you need to verify your startup programs.

    Topping the list, Norton has continued to improve its reporting capabilities, which summarize the key security measures on your PC.

    Basically, this is the Norton Security Premium suite we saw for the last time: the same user interface with some minor additions and modifications. It could be a good thing since Norton was already our first choice. Norton does not have as many additional features as the other security suites, but it offers all the useful features we expect from these suites.

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