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  • Motospeed CK108 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Time: Oct. 15, 2019

    Through some online retail sites, we can find many useful things that cost less. Websites like these offer products worldwide. Bzfuture has a good collection of computer peripherals, such as mechanical gaming keyboards. Motospeed CK108 is one of the most popular versions known to users.

    The Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard uses the Outemu Blue switches, which are the first for me.

    The Motospeed CK108 would have programmable switching macros, reports up to 1000 Hz in real time, support for all conflict-free buttons and 16.8 million color types with customization options.

    The palm rest is the wrist rest. However, it is interesting to note that the key caps are double injection molds.

    The keyboard layout is completed without additional switches. Generally, on many keyboards, the function keys, arrow keys and start keys have alternative multimedia control functions and some basic utilities.

    Unlike other mechanical keyboards, the LEDs are located below the switches. It's strange to see how the case allows manufacturers to place LEDs on them. If Motospeed had done the same, the height Z could possibly decrease. The housing of these switches is clear and lets in the light.

    Enjoying an experience with the Cherry MX Blue TVSe Bharat Gold, this is probably the only switch that is approaching. Many people may or may not notice the difference between the two, depending on the keyboard, the quality of the keyboard case and the internal mechanisms. You will notice that the longer buttons use metal balancers but are under the aluminum plate. For mechanical balancers with metal balancers, the longest part is usually on the keyboard, while two of its ends rest with a clip under the keys.

    The amount of multi-LED effects is too important for a keyboard. The Motospeed CK108 has 18 effects, three on each M key, 5 brightness levels and 16 color options assigned to the arrow keys.

    In addition to the little attention that capital letters and fonts require, the Motospeed CK108 is a wonderful keyboard. It's available on bzfuture, you can purchase it by click here.

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