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Microsoft Office 2019 - Worth Buying

Jan. 16, 2020

Microsoft recently launched Office 2019, the latest version of its Windows and Mac Office suite, with new useful features that integrate seamlessly with the familiar user interface. The distracting mode for Word, better pivot tables for Excel, better graphics and better support for digital pens for PowerPoint are just some of the many improvements and improvements for the venerable Office. While these are not important updates for the future, they could be a big boost for good user productivity.

Price, versions and compatibility

As always, Microsoft offers more versions of Office than anyone else wants to follow. The versions of Office 2019 that will interest most people are Office Home and Student 2019 for $ 149.99, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They are only allowed for a Windows or Mac computer. Office Professional 2019 for $ 439.99 only for a Windows PC. Add Outlook, Publisher and the Access database.

A familiar face

Microsoft introduced the ribbon user interface in Office 2007 and since then it has not made drastic changes to the user interface. Office 2019 should be known to everyone who has used a version of Office 2007. In a nutshell, Word 2019 is an attractive but not compelling update.

New properties

The PowerPoint presentation power receives a transformation transition, in which separate objects move from one slide to another to new positions, according to Apple's Magic Move function in Keynote. PowerPoint also has a zoom function that allows you to move to any slide or section of your presentation without following the traditional linear order, similar to the fluid and non-linear presentations developed by Prezi, but with a clearer appearance.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint can import graphics in the scalable SVG format that is widely used on the web and is not yet compatible with Keynote or other Apple desktop applications. Office applications can also import 3D models from the Microsoft Remix 3D community website with a few clicks.

A new element to insert a symbol opens a menu with around five hundred well-designed symbols that you can insert in any Word, Excel or PowerPoint document. All are black and white by default, but you can change the color using a context menu. The powerful and elegant Word equation editor now supports LaTeX syntax with some variations of the standard syntax. Microsoft has improved Office online help with all the details of equation syntax and more, and has largely eliminated frustrations in earlier versions by clicking a Help button to know that no help is available.

Tasty math

As far as I can remember, there are drawing tools in Office. However, in the 2019 version, freehand functions were added, with which the drawings drawn by mice or pens can be converted into geometric shapes such as circles or triangles, or handwritten formulas in typographical mathematics. This feature also works for uncomfortable attempts to write equations with a tracking ball, but is primarily designed to be used with a pen on a tablet, especially a Microsoft Surface model.

Office 2019 improves the support of the digital pen with pressure and tilt sensitivity and the ability to move text with a pencil. In my eyes, Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global is worth buying.

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