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  • Mate 20X Gaming with the BETOP-G1 Controller

    Time: Nov. 13, 2020

    Although the latest version of the P series has already been unveiled, the Mate 20 X is, of course, not a thing of the past. On the contrary, since prices can still drop a bit after the start, it will surely be very interesting for many.


    In our Mate 20 X gaming test, we would like to see how it works as a 'mobile gaming console'. The emphasis should be less on the new reference records than on the handling and use of controllers. In particular, the BETOP-G1 controller shown by Huawei during the presentation, which was developed mainly for the Mate 20 series, should be the focus here.


    It is also important that AppAssistant is installed. It is pre-installed and therefore should already be available. Once you remove the app, you can try this APK here that I got directly from my Mate 20 X.


    The first time you use the G1 and after installing new games, the wizard should open automatically. Then you need to add the games you want to use by the plus sign. Only then can the controller be used correctly.


    The additional installation of an "Arcade" application is recommended here. Other compatible games can be obtained from these, but they are all in Chinese. But it also improves G1 controller compatibility.



    My conclusion about the Mate 20 X Gaming is very positive. The screen is super sharp and displays colors vividly without going unnatural. The 5000 mAh battery is designed for longer gaming sessions. For those who want to plug in headphones while gaming or use a headphone jack, the Mate 20 X still offers the right connection.


    The Mate 20 X can also support drivers without any problem. PS4 controller issues shouldn't be entirely Huawei's fault. Sony has long been known to not optimize its drivers for mobile devices.


    Basically, however, it is a disadvantage that with a separate controller, you still have two devices that you cannot hold in your hand at the same time while playing the game, so you always have to look for a place where you can configure the controller.


    The BETOP G1 controller, on the other hand, worked perfectly in my test. The direct connection with the smartphone also leads to a stable unit, so that the smartphone and the controller can be used as a classic handheld, so that the comparison with the Switch is at least visually given.


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