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  • Kaspersky: A platform to the 'Connected World'

    Time: Mar. 13, 2020

    Kaspersky is the world's leading provider of cybersecurity software providers and has been successful in the MENA region for over 10 years.


    The dynamic general manager of the global cybersecurity company is responsible for expanding the Kaspersky brand throughout the region.


    During an intensive discussion, he expressed his firm belief that his "security-oriented" operating system can form the basis for accelerating the development of emerging industries such as smart cities and connected cars.


    According to Kanaan, Kaspersky has identified a niche in the market and is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the development of its robust operating system.


    The dynamics of the introduction of connected cars continues to increase, but for autonomous driving to move from concept to reality, the key factor must not be considered in terms of connectivity, but in terms of safety.


    In the current ICT ecosystem, the emphasis on data and information security and protection has become a matter of utmost importance. The consequences of a large-scale rape are extremely damaging financially and reputationally. If the system is hacked relative to connected cars, it results in death. Safety is therefore the most important element in autonomous driving.


    The Kaspersky director said the same principles apply to smart cities. The UAE government is carrying out a program to accelerate the development of smart cities and has made no secret of its efforts to make Dubai the smartest city in the world.

    But just as in the context of autonomous traffic, security is once again an important factor limiting the progress of smart cities.


    2020 has been announced as the year in which we will see significant developments in the commercial use of 5G technologies. Expo 2020 has been described as the most connected place in the world. The introduction of 5G will lead to an exponential increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet, so security must again be at the center of concerns.


    A recurring theme that continues to frustrate the cybersecurity industry is a lack of awareness among companies about the potential impact of a large-scale attack on their businesses.

    Canaan believed that more education was needed and pointed out how a top-down cultural shift is needed to respond effectively to a cyber attack.


    Companies are still too reactive when it comes to security. It is not proactive if you simply buy a security product. Businesses fall victim to the idea that when they buy a security product, they are protected. The entire state of mind simply has to change. You must ask yourself how I can protect my environment in case of an attack. What should I do? What are the processes and procedures? You must be able to minimize the damage caused by a security breach. You cannot be convinced that you are 100% sure. You must be prepared for an attack and have the correct procedures and processes to mitigate and respond effectively to the attack.


    Kaspersky's threat management and defense platform has been well received and produced by many players in the cyber security market.

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