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  • Is Motospeed CK108 the best?

    Time: Jan. 6, 2020

    Motospeed is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, founded in 2008. It belongs to the Mototech Technology group, which has been working with peripherals since 2001. The company works closely with manufacturers and produces mice for brands such as Dazz and Dazz Kirata. However, Dazz Thundera and Dazz Smilodon also sell quality products such as the famous CK104 keyboard and Motospeed V30 gaming mouse. Speaking of the CK104, it would be something like a "little brother" of the CK108 because it has a little less functionality like the palm rest, the configuration software and a little smaller. In general, both are amazing keyboards, as they are very well built and extremely economical for what they offer.

    Discover the current Motospeed flagship product, the Motospeed CK108. This keyboard has been particularly successful in Brazil, because with the CK104, it is one of the most important recommendations of the high-end peripheral group.

    The Motospeed CK108 gaming keyboard consists essentially of 2 parts, a robust brushed metal plate and an ABS plastic housing. The two materials guarantee good keyboard durability, which makes it very difficult to break the keyboard.

    The palm rest is quite simple, but it is made of a more stable plastic than other keyboard stands such as the Corsair Strafe, which is made of a very cheap material. The plastic used by Motospeed is not the best, but it is enough to guarantee the least possible safety against the inclination of the piece.

    One of the things that impressed me most about the Motospeed CK108 was the amount of lighting effects offered by the software, 19 effects, the largest of which has programmable colors and directions, a feature that even keyboards are worth $ 500.

    Another benefit is the Motospeed CK108 keys. They are made of ABS plastic and double shot, which is very rare for a $ 200 keyboard. After all, even keyboards such as the Corsair penalty, which costs an average of $ 600, use such a durable printing method. Okay, plastic and printing aren't as good as a Ducky, but it's still surprising that a keyboard of this caliber offers such high quality materials.

    The keyboard feet do not do much, are firm and do not look fragile. The skateboards are very tight on any surface and provide considerable security for the position you leave on the table.

    Unlike the main peripheral brands, Motospeed offers different software for each product. In the case of the CK108, we have the Gaming Keyboard 1.0, which is very easy to use and which I think is one of the best macro creation systems I've seen.

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