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  • Is it worth upgrading Kaspersky from Free to Paid?

    Time: May. 25, 2020


    Kaspersky's free option is now part of the Security Cloud series, which offers new features beyond pure antivirus software. This includes VPN data, a password manager, the ability to search for weak settings and monitor your accounts online. For most people, this is a high level of protection to keep surfing safe and protect machines from infection.


    Updating your Security Cloud account offers great extras like extra privacy and Wi-Fi monitoring at home so you know if an unauthorized device is accessing your network. They provide fast cloud updates and account management.


    The Security Cloud update offers some cool features, and for some users, these features are absolutely worth the entry-level price. For most users, the base package offers more than enough protection, especially since it has extensive system analysis features, an updated threat database, and even a feature to review your accounts online. The privacy and additional surveillance of the home network is ideal for those concerned with espionage and prosecution. However, most people will not find these extras worthwhile.


    Most people already keep their important files and information behind a layer of security with cloud storage and secure connections. This information may also be encrypted using a VPN connection. This level is not perfect, but it is enough for many users. Some computers and networks are responsible for much more information and all precautions must be taken. If you need to make sure your entire PC is secure, upgrading to a personal account may be worth it. The added security of the webcam and home network can be great if someone suspects an intrusion.



    As with any cheap and best antivirus software, all the essentials are included in the free version of the software. However, for some people, the price of the upgrade is worth it if they know that their apps are secure and that their home network is free of unauthorized devices.


    The best that antivirus software can offer you is the information you need to make the best decision possible. As for information, Kaspersky Security Cloud - Personal undoubtedly offers you more. The problem is that for many people, many extras are not necessary for safe browsing techniques or additional applications. Still, there is plenty to like and it comes conveniently in a package and an application window.


    For most people, the functionality of the free version offers more than enough to protect it. Kaspersky Security Cloud: Free is the best option for most people, unless someone needs an additional level of security or just wants to be absolutely safe.


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