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  • How to get Windows 10 Key for free?

    Time: Dec. 14, 2019

    When Windows 10 2015 was launched for the first time, a free update was as simple as clicking on the Get Windows 10 notification message.

    Windows 7 support ends in January 2020, followed by the end of Windows 8.1 support in January 2023. Unfortunately, the free update period for these earlier versions of Windows has "officially" ended mid-2016 and there was a "solution ". The free availability of Windows 10 with assistive technologies in a prison ended in December 2017.

    Do not worry. There are still several ways to download the latest and best version of Windows 10 for free without paying a license or breaking the rules.

    Step 1: Download creative use support for windows 10 pro oem free

    Although Microsoft has officially discontinued free updates to Windows 10, you can still technically install the operating system for free. If you are still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, simply download the Windows 10 installer. If you choose this method, you will not have to pay $200 for an update key and will keep all your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 data.

    First, you want to access the Microsoft website to download Windows 10 for free. This is done by creating Windows 10 media. You can download it by clicking on the blue button on the website. It should not take more than 2 minutes.

    Step 2: Start the installation program

    After downloading, you want to start the installation program. Then you must accept the terms and choose if you want to update this PC now. Then follow the instructions. Windows 10 downloads to your PC and checks if it is compatible.

    You can then see a list of the problematic program or hardware that can block the updates. It is up to you to uninstall these programs to address these concerns.

    Step 3: Finish installation

    During installation, PC PC Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 will call several times. As part of the process, your product key has already been removed from your hardware during configuration. If your version of Windows is legally activated, you will not be asked for an activation key. However, keep in mind that this does not work in Windows XP or Windows Vista, since these versions of Windows never qualify for the free Windows 10 update.

    You also get the same version of Windows that originally came with your PC: Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise or Education.

    While this is the easiest way to download windows 10 oem key free, there are some others that you should also consider.

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