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  • Gaming accessories from China: bargain or junk?

    Time: Mar. 24, 2020

    "Game accessories are expensive." This may apply to manufacturers located in Europe and the United States, but there is another solution. This is demonstrated by the small Chinese manufacturers who, despite the low prices, do not have to hide from the big brands.

    It is difficult to find a Chinese mouse that does not have RGB lighting. At the other end of the price range, you'll find mice from manufacturers like Motospeed and Logitech. But often these are not a little cheaper than the direct offers from Germany, you also have to pay VAT and warranty.


    Even the cheapest deals are generally not recommended because they are generally poorly made and the sensors are by no means suitable for the most demanding gamers.


    Since I use it myself and am completely satisfied, I would like to take the example of Motospeed v40. Because for about $22.57, you currently get a very well-treated 4000 DPI mouse, cable with jacket, and software that you can control RGB lighting and key mapping with and is comfortable to hold.


    If you have found a mouse and want to know if it does what it says on the tin, read the information first. The DPI number corresponds to the megapixels of the cameras. It may be an indicator of quality, but it is not mandatory. However, at least 4,000 are recommended.


    However, the information about the installed sensor is more important. It's easy to Google, and you can often find models from other manufacturers for which there is generally serious evidence. This is the best way to determine the quality of the mouse. In the end, looking at comments from previous customers doesn't hurt, although you should always be aware that many of them can be paid / counterfeited.

    The keyboard is not only extremely important to gamers, so a wide price range has been developed with a variety of technologies. However, only mechanical keyboards are of interest to gamers. Larger manufacturers start at a minimum of $ 100, but there are significantly cheaper devices in China. The cheapest mechanical keyboards are available for under $ 50, with RGB lighting as standard.


    It should be noted that almost no manufacturer uses the expensive but well-known Cherry switches. They use cheaper Chinese manufacturers. In order to not be able to deduce from the color of a property of the buttons, you must go through the seller's information. Also, a German design is relatively rare, Russian keyboards are widely used. You can change the keys and key assignments on some models with the right software, but it's not fun and it doesn't always work.


    The colorful world of gaming equipment:
    Mice and keyboards are not the only accessories in the game, there is always an almost infinite selection of different devices. Among others, mouse pads with a length of one meter, all kinds of headphones, cloned controllers for Nintendo, XBox, Playstation, etc.


    The quality of devices can vary greatly, especially with drivers, so be careful. Because here, many cheap models disappoint regarding the pressure point and the sense of value. None of the clones can match the quality of the originals.


    Most products and designs are a matter of taste, which is why I have linked you with the most interesting and popular devices. Then you can dig in the long run.


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