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  • Edifier Gaming Headset Review - W860NB with Active Noise Cancelling

    Time: Jan. 8, 2020

    The Edifier W860NB Bluetooth Headphones has a simple packaging in a contemporary and traditional style in the sense that the product acquires its full meaning in a fairly simple background. The background is a discreet gray that stands out well from black headphones, which are clearly positioned in the middle.

    Now we reach the headphones, which are perfectly stored in a travel case with a cover protected by a soft cloth around. It is a pleasure to hold these headphones in your hand, neither too light nor too heavy, well designed and well built. The headphones, although most of them are black, have a different black tone everywhere, with a touch of silver surrounding the headphones. The company logo is integrated on both sides of the headset, as well as the model number engraved on the banner.

    The earmuffs were made of synthetic leather, also called artificial leather. This material makes the headphones flexible and comfortable to use. Edifier has also added air intakes to the back of the headphones so your ears can breathe. The headphones can be tilted up and down and from side to side, so you really have a perfect and comfortable fit. The headphones are equipped with 40mm neodymium speakers, which are not the best or the best drivers available in the market, but the sound they produce is the most important.

    The headband is very strong thanks to the continuously adjustable metal band. There is also good flexibility, so headphones should not have a headache.

    Edifier went to the city with the number of available connections, NFC, Bluetooth and the preferred method for the best 3.5 mm sound. Edifier also has an airplane connector for those who want to travel a lot. With this connector, you can use your headphones with all multimedia systems in flight.

    The most impressive part of these headphones is the battery life, 25 hours with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) or 45 hours with ANC disabled.

    The ANC is an interesting feature. Without ANC, you can hear the outside world quite clearly. When ANC is activated, this provides additional noise reduction and eliminates a lot of ambient noise.

    The intuitive option for volume control and skipping tracks is through touch control through the right earpiece. Swipe up to increase the volume and down to decrease. Swipe left or right to skip tracks. If you press twice, you can pause the music. When you use your headset with your phone, you can answer a call and use the built-in microphone.

    So, the last thoughts are the headphones that offer exceptional comfort, incredible autonomy and excellent sound for bass, medium and treble. The design and construction are well thought out, what we expected to build.

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