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  • EDIFIER G4 SE Gaming Headset Review - Do its best?

    Time: Sep. 11, 2020

    Edifier does some really good stuff for audiophiles, but it also makes gaming-oriented headphones. Using "games" on anything is usually a great way to increase the price and get higher prices on regular hardware. but Edifier actually makes very different designs for its gaming headsets than its more consumer-oriented headsets, be they good or bad. So today we're going to take a look at the Edifier G4 SE, which is very similar to the latest generation Edifier G4 7.1 flagship gaming headset, but ditch the USB DAC for standard analog inputs. This means that Edifier can also offer the Edifier G4 SE at a slightly lower price, which can make it attractive to more gamers.


    Edifier's packaging is simple as always. As a gamer-oriented model, they opted for the black and red color scheme, which is as classic as possible for the 'gamer' aesthetic.



    On the back of the box, more features of the Edifier G4 SE are listed, showing that it is very similar to the original Edifier G4 except for the entry. Either way, Edifier also believes that glossy plastic is a selling point for the Edifier G4 SE.


    As is often the case with Edifier products, not much is included. You get a Y-splitter that allows you to turn the 3.5mm combo jack into a separate mic-in and audio-out port so you can use it with your desktop or some laptops, from the documentation and they can use the headphones themselves . The divider is 70cm long and allows you to extend the reach of the Edifier G4 SE if you sit further away from your system.



    If you're a fan of shiny plastic, you're in luck. The Edifier G4 SE helmets are made almost entirely of this material, except for the integrated metal grill to create a better atmosphere. There is what looks like a driver hidden behind the net, although I'm pretty sure it's just a garnish. The microphone is retractable so you won't be disturbed if you just want to use the Edifier G4 SE as a normal headset.



    Fortunately, the headband is not shiny plastic. I'd say Edifier did a good job with the ear cushions with a nice contrast of red and black and also put some red cushions on the headband. It's a little thing to add a bit of flair to these pretty straightforward headphones, but I like it. Simplicity is essential here because there are no pivots or hinges to break. The only concession to comfort is the extendable arms for big heads.


    User experience
    Edifier seems to have taken into account the popularity of mobile gaming these days and therefore decided to equip the Edifier G4 SE with a 3.5mm L-shaped connector. This way, you can use it a little easier when playing on smartphones, since you don't have to worry about it getting into your hand. There is also a button that you can use to control audio playback or end calls. The beauty doesn't extend to the volume control though, as it's a little too smooth and accidentally changing the volume is too easy. I would have preferred a stiffer slider just to prevent this from happening.



    In terms of audio technology, the Edifier G4 SE clearly fits a "fun" sound profile. For gaming, these are great headphones with deep, punchy bass and crisp highs, ideal for haunted explosions and shots. The music also sounds great thanks to its surprisingly good clarity. More demanding listening can frown on the high and low frequencies, but it's good that it didn't result in a murmur in the low-mid frequencies, which can be quite unpleasant to listen to. One thing I missed a bit was the sound stage, which can be very important to gamers, especially with first-person shooter titles.


    The Edifier G4 SE's microphone has picked up static noise and has no noise cancellation feature, which could cause problems. If you have a powerful mechanical keyboard, the microphone will pick up all sounds without filtering. The dynamic range is also quite small, so it may seem a bit flat when talking to your friends.


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