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  • Dareu A918 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Office and Game Both Suitable

    Time: Jan. 10, 2020

    On October 11, 2019, Dareu released the Dareu A918 wireless gaming mouse, which uses a 2.4G wireless connection mode.

    For most people, apart from mobile phones, the digital products that they are most exposed to every day are computers. The mouse is an integral part of the computer. Whether it's an office or a game, a suitable mouse can always improve our efficiency and win rate implicitly.

    With the maturity of wireless technology today, many professional players choose wireless mice to get rid of the shackles brought by cables. Dareu has been working hard, and we expect to develop a more perfect and perfect wireless gaming mouse to bring a more vivid gaming experience to gaming players and gamers.

    This A918 wireless gaming mouse is our latest flagship radio gaming mouse, hoping to bring you a different experience.

    Dareu A918 wireless gaming mouse body has 6 buttons, 4 on the front and 2 on the left. Compared with the ordinary mouse, Dareu A918 adds a DPI button under the wheel button. This button can be used to adjust the DPI value of the mouse at any time, so as to select an appropriate mouse positioning accuracy. There is a tiny indicator light below the DPI button, different DPI values ​​will show different colors.


    * High performance and low power consumption - The A918 wireless gaming mouse is equipped with the original phase PAW3335 gaming-grade optical engine, with a maximum of 16000DPI, 400IPS and 40G acceleration. The power consumption has also been further optimized. Using a No. 5 battery-powered solution, when the battery is fully charged, the game state can be used continuously for up to 260 hours, and the office has a battery life of up to 10 months.

    * Millisecond response - Equipped with 2.4G NANO receiver, the maximum transmission distance is 10 meters. Can continuously search and connect to high-quality signals to ensure the stability of data transmission. With a USB reporting rate equivalent to 1000Hz / s for a wired mouse and a millisecond response speed, you have peace of mind in fierce gaming.

    * Right-hand ergonomics - Equipped with 6 programmable keys, which can be customized according to the needs of use, providing convenient combat assistance for the game. Hand ergonomic design, round and smooth lines, fit the right hand grip. The surface is treated with skin-like technology, which is comfortable to the touch. Even if you play for a long time, you can keep your hands comfortable and make your operation smoother and more stable.

    * Long-lasting click feeling - The A918 wireless gaming mouse uses an optimized 30 million times micro-switch, which is durable and will not change in feel for a long time, providing users with a consistent and consistent click feel.

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