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Cololight Plus for HomeKit is publicly available in the App

Jul. 24, 2020

It's fair to say that we've had quite a bit of LifeSmart in the last 9 months since HomeKit support was announced last July. While we haven't seen any official HomeKit devices yet from the corporate interface, they are still bothering us with the updated HomeKit-enabled version of their modular color mosaic system known as LifeSmart Cololight Plus. The original model is simply called Cololight and the fast tracker like Cololight Pro. The latter two were supported by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa from the start.


Cololight PLUS is an update to Cololight and Cololight PRO. It is the ambient light that supports split connection and color change. Cololight PLUS can be used with Apple HomeKit. It can be placed on the table or installed as a back wall, suspended ceiling. Its unique functions, such as color change with music and voice control, provide smart play in the lighting system and provide meals, lives, games, festivals, parties and many other stages with different experiences.


The biggest difference, aside from HomeKit support, is that the redesigned dock / controller has a physical button on the front that allows you to easily toggle tiles on and off without opening an app. Although that's fair, voice control supports the Big Three anyway, and can do the same amount of tasks. Since the LifeSmart app supports Siri shortcuts, even older users, Cololight and Cololight Pro, can handle them pretty well, as we showed on Twitter some time ago.


While current Cololight models work with the LifeSmart app, the company also has a special Cololight app in which the latest update reveals the new model and the ability to add to HomeKit. We used to think that there would be a main control tile next to the "slave" tiles, which is the case for the available models. However, it appears that the base unit could be the "brain" of the HomeKit version. It seems we have to wait and see, and given the terrible pandemic that is causing all kinds of death, destruction, and general unrest of all kinds, it remains to be seen when this device actually ships.


Some features and specifications:
Division and union, infinite expansion
16,000,000 colors
Color change with music
Selected color, custom color
Voice command
Size: main body 86 × 74.5 × 30.5mm
Weight: main body 52.5g
Ivory color
Communication protocol: WiFi
Working voltage: 5V


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