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  • Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020

    Time: Dec. 2, 2020

    HomeKit's best night lights combine the essentials of hallway and room lighting with modern home comforts. Whether you control the brightness of your night light through the Home app or Siri, or make it glow automatically with movement, these HomeKit accessories can do more than their 'dumb' counterparts.


    Night lights are a staple in most homes, helping to illuminate a dark room or act as a guide for a late night snack. The best HomeKit night lights take these home aids to the next level with customization, convenience, and control via an app or Siri. The Eton Blackout Buddy Connect is one of our most popular night lights because it offers a rare combination of lighting, connectivity and safety, it illuminates your area and provides power to your devices in an emergency.


    Do you want to create a work of art from light? Buy some LifeSmart Cololight Plus lamps and create a colorful light scene. Or just buy one; that's pretty good in itself.


    Experience the best of both worlds with our guide to the best HomeKit night light options.


    Eton Blackout Buddy Connect
    The Blackout Buddy Connect serves as a night light, flashlight, USB charger, motion sensor, and portable battery in a plug-in box. In the event of a power outage, the built-in light turns on automatically and keeps you safe. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can monitor your home and alert you to a power outage while you are away.


    VOCOlinc Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Strip
    LED light strips are currently very popular with children, teenagers and adults. If you have a child who is opposed to the idea of ​​a "night light", this is the perfect solution. It's multi-color, adjustable, dimmable, and works with HomeKit and Siri, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You don't even need a hub.


    Arlo Baby Monitor
    As the name suggests, Arlo Baby is perfect for kindergarten with its camera, night light, and air quality sensors constantly on. The night light supports tons of different colors and light levels, and Baby Arlo's fun design can be fully customized with various interchangeable themes, just like a bunny. The range of features is complemented by two-way sound and soothing sounds that make it the ultimate baby monitor.


    iDevices Wall Outlet
    The iDevices wall outlet is the best solution for adding a night light to the house without compromising on appearance. This smart plug integrates directly into your wall and replaces a conventional socket, so it fits perfectly in your décor. Best of all, this plug features an LED light that works perfectly as a night light and offers a variety of colors via the home app.


    Eve Flare
    Eve Flare is a beautiful lamp with full dimming and color functions that is a fun option thanks to its unique design. The Flare is fully portable and weather resistant with a built-in battery so you can take your night light with you on your next camping trip. When used on the go, this light will last up to six hours to charge and even has a handy handle that can be used to hang in a tent.


    LifeSmart Cololight Plus
    This little light shows 16 million different colors. Buy just one or buy many and create beautiful, colorful and vibrant scenes in your home. Homekit compatibility, an affordable price, and the ability to combine them make Cololight Plus a great way to create art with light.


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