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  • AVG Antivirus Software Review

    Time: Jun. 29, 2020

    AVG Technologies is a cybersecurity company founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. It sells two consumer antivirus packages: AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate. The latter includes a virtual private network and the company's TuneUp system optimization software, which can be purchased separately. AVG also offers AntiVirus Free, a free basic solution against malware and antivirus protection.


    What antivirus software does AVG offer?
    AVG offers three Internet security products: free antivirus software with basic protection and two subscription plans: AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate.


    AVG AntiVirus Free - Offers anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware and other standard real-time protection features. blocks unsafe links, downloads and attachments; and investigate computer performance problems.


    AVG Internet Security - Contains basic Antivirus Free real-time malware protection features with advanced detection algorithms to identify previously unknown malware. These protections also protect against zero-day threats or threats that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities and protect hard drives and connected webcams. There is also a firewall; a do not disturb mode that blocks third party applications while playing games, watching movies or creating presentations; a shredder that makes deleted files unrecoverable; Protection against fake websites and fraudulent payment sites; a toolbar cleaning function; and others responsible for malware and data protection.


    AVG Ultimate - Contains all the features of Internet Security as well as the AVG Multiple OS VPN. and AVG TuneUp system optimization software.


    Is AVG antivirus software safe?
    AVG antivirus software is safe. All AVG antivirus software packages, including the free AntiVirus offer, include basic protection against viruses, spyware, email phishing, and ransomware.


    A VPN is only included in the AVG First Class Ultimate package. However, it can be purchased separately to supplement AntiVirus Free or Internet Security packages for $ 4.99 per month for one year or $3.99 per month for two or three years. AVG Ultimate also includes a full version of the company's TuneUp system optimization product.


    None of the AVG packages contain the password management that almost all other antivirus software providers offer. Although AVG includes some identity protection, active protection measures such as the dark web, financial account and monitoring by credit agencies are not offered. AVG's separate identity theft protection package called BreachGuard offers many of these features, but is still less comprehensive than related products from other companies.


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