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  • AVG Antivirus review

    Time: Nov. 2, 2020

    With over 200 million users, AVG Antivirus is arguably one of the most popular antivirus software platforms in the world. It is part of the Avast family of security products, which includes the equally popular Avast Antivirus suite.


    AVG Antivirus uses the same basic technology as other Avast programs, but has a unique user interface design. The free version of this software gives you access to important features like virus scanning, PC performance checks, and quick security updates.



    However, some useful antivirus tools are only accessible if you upgrade to a paid AVG product. For example, you should purchase AVG Internet Security to block webcam spies, get advanced firewalls, or block fake e-commerce sites.


    AVG Antivirus Free is the most basic version of this platform and can run on modern Windows, Os X and Android devices. Since it uses the same AVG threat database as AVG premium programs to detect dangerous viruses before they damage your devices, it provides adequate protection for most users.


    If you want to take things to the next level, you can go for AVG Ultimate. This is basically the AVG Internet Security package combined with AVG TuneUp, a robust tool that removes unnecessary data from your PC, improves battery life, and reduces processing times.


    At the heart of AVG Antivirus are scan tools that allow you to scan your device and compare your files against a large database containing thousands of malware signatures. If a suspicious file is found that is not a known virus, AVG will analyze it and use heuristic monitoring to determine if it poses a threat to your system.



    After installing AVG Antivirus Free, you are also automatically protected against spyware and malware hidden in email attachments. If you follow the news, you will know that ransomware attacks have increased in recent years. Unfortunately, for targeted protection against ransomware-type viruses, you must purchase AVG Internet Security.


    When you install AVG Antivirus, you get instant access to the AVG Secure Browser. Basically it looks like a more secure version of Google Chrome and works to protect you from dangerous websites by forcing HTTPS encryption, hiding your fingerprints, and blocking tracking scripts.


    By combining the different antivirus engines from Avast and AVG, AVG Antivirus can detect new and known security threats. However, it is not the market leader, so you should look elsewhere for top-notch protection.


    Although AVG Antivirus is one of the most secure platforms out there, it certainly loses points when it comes to slowing down your device while scanning.



    Navigating the AVG Antivirus user interface couldn't be easier. In the basic menu, you can choose whether you want to run a free scan or open a paid tool like Hacking Attack Protection Suite. There are six different types of scans to choose from, including a computer with a basic file system and advanced options like startup scan, which lets you know if there are malicious applications loading before Windows starts.


    There is also a scheduled scan option that is much more advanced than it sounds. Here you can set a time to scan multiple devices and decide exactly which folders and areas of your system should be checked.


    It is even possible to determine in advance how to handle potential threats and save your custom scan to start manually in the future. Once saved, your scan will appear in the menu alongside the conventional scan types. In short, it is a great option for advanced users who want full control over the security of their system.


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