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10 steps to choosing the right gaming keyboard

Jun. 6, 2022

10 steps to choosing the right gaming keyboard   A gaming keyboard is an essential tool to have in your arsenal whenever you sit down to play. Nobody wants their game to be ruined by sloppy keys or ghost presses, so here's everything you need to know to choose the right gaming keyboard.    

1. Do you know what size you need: full or without braces? Keyboards come in a variety of sizes, but generally follow one of two styles: full-size or non-numeric. Size is an issue for gamers depending on their game and personal comfort. If you need all the buttons, for example. B. the numeric keypad, you must purchase a full-size keyboard.    

2. Mechanical or diaphragm? Computer keyboards use two main technologies for their operation: mechanical or membrane. Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they minimize ghosting and provide a satisfying click when pressed. Many games also enjoy the old-school aesthetic of clicking mechanical keys. On the other hand, mechanical gaming keyboards tend to drive up the price, and if you're shopping on a budget, you'll likely end up with a membrane keyboard. Diaphragm technology is less precise than mechanical, but you may find it more comfortable on your fingers. If you're used to pressing down hard on keys, a membrane keyboard will work just fine for you. Many players still use them and they won't stop you.   Get this versions of this keyboard It’s available from: Dareu A98 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.    

3. Want a lot of additional key customization? Most games have a large number of buttons, options, and menus. Macros allow you to assign game functions to the keys themselves. If you play multiple games, I recommend choosing a gaming keyboard with this capability so you don't have to set up your macros every time you switch games.    

4. Consider changing the key if you wish The amount of key travel is usually quite low on standard keyboards. You don't often press two or more keys at the same time when using a computer for work or school, but it's common to press them at the same time when gaming.    

5. Make sure it comes with anti-ghosting features The best gaming keyboards have built-in anti-ghosting features. Ghosting is a much bigger problem for gamers than it is for regular computer users. Ghosting occurs when the computer registers the wrong keys instead of the ones you pressed. Usually it's one of the keys you've pressed if you're using multiple keys at once, but it can be adjacent keys you haven't even touched.      

6. Check backlight aesthetics We've all seen those colorful backlit gaming keyboards with rainbow keys. There's nothing wrong with choosing a keyboard for its beautiful backlighting, especially when it's customizable and you can choose your favorite colors. A backlit keyboard brings a whole new level to your gaming sessions and is a talking point among your friends. You don't even need to spend that much, as the market is full of cheap backlit keyboards. However, unless you are happy with the colors offered, be sure to purchase one with customization. You don't want to buy an awesome new gaming keyboard only to find out you're stuck with pink or rainbow if that's not what you want.    

7. Check the key backlight Despite its aesthetic appeal, the keyboard backlight has another function for gamers. Customizable backlighting lets you highlight the keys you use the most, making them easy to access. Many gamers like to play in the dark, but it's not easy if you don't know where the keys are. Imagine how fast and efficient your gaming skills would be if the keys you want were illuminated in your favorite colors. You would become super fast and unstoppable in battle. Fumbling around with your keys is a thing of the past and all your friends will envy you. Double check how much customization individual gaming keyboards give you. Some don't have the ability to backlight individual keys, which is pretty useless for gamers.    

8. Check durability ratings, especially from players Players are not known for their nobility. The game is fast and furious, and we're all guilty of breaking buttons or weird "gamer rage" attacks. Some games even work by pressing keys, so your gaming keyboard will take a bit of abuse. The better the build quality, the longer your keyboard will last and the louder you can play. If you're considering buying a new gaming keyboard, you want it to last, so consider build quality carefully and don't skimp on your budget.    

9. Don't just look at one brand Don't feel compelled to choose a gaming keyboard from well-known brands if their products aren't right for you. There are plenty of smaller vendors and it's worth shopping around to see what they have to offer. However, the best proven brands used by professional gamers are popular for a reason. Your prices may be higher and you don't get that personalized customer experience at a department store.   

10. Calculate the cost and then compare it with other brands with the same characteristics For a quality gaming keyboard, you have to spend some money. Fortunately, the prices are not too high and there are cheap keyboards too.   However, every keyboard is different and some are too expensive. Always make sure you know exactly what you're getting before you commit to buy, and if you're not sure, research the product online and check reviews.

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