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MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
  • MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
  • MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
  • MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
  • MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
  • MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
  • MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
MiniEye DV 1080P Camera
EUR 27.00 EUR 29.00
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    Your Best Evidence In Tricky Situations


    MiniEye DV 1080P Camera is a portable camera device that records in 720P as well as 1080P and can be easily concealed for covert recording. The camera supports motion activated recording as well as the ability to take still photos. It is also able to record both video as well as audio. MiniEye supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card and can conduct recording in low light areas.


    Every day, people come home and find their places in shambles and their valuables missing. You may have several point-of- entry sensors guarding your windows and doors and an IP camera watching your front door, but that may not be enough to stop someone from breaking into your home and stealing your personal possessions. The reason for this is that most security systems are connected to both a power and telephone line. If a thief snips a power line, your security devices will stop sending a signal.

    🚚48,376+ Minieye Cameras Sold & Delivered

    Having MiniEye at your home will add extra security to your property and valuables:

    • Intruders cannot find MiniEye due to small size.
    • If the intruder turns off the Internet, MiniEye will still work and record.
    • If the intruder destroys the cam, there's a quite big chance that footage will remain on the card.

    An alarm can tell you that something happened but the video from MiniEye will tell you exactly what happened.


    Why MiniEye?

    ✔️ MOTION DETECTION: Automatically starts recording when the motion is detected.
    ✔️ ENDLESS RECORDING: Loop recording feature enables non-stop video copy.
    ✔️ PROVEN THIEF CATCHER: In most cases, thieves cannot find & disable this camera.
    ✔️ AFFORDABLE HOME SECURITY: No expensive monthly fees to secure your home or office.
    ✔️ OFFLINE FOOTAGE STORAGE: Even if intruders turn the electricity off, MiniEye will record.
    ✔️ COST-EFFECTIVE: Affordable price makes it possible to have MiniEye cameras in every room of a house.


    Product Specifications:

    • Video Format: AVI
    • Video Resolution: 1280x720P and 1920x1080P
    • Video Frame Rate: 30 fps
    • Operating System: Windows or MAC
    • Working Time: 100 Minutes
    • Charging Voltage: DC-5V
    • Storage Support: Up to 32 GB micro SD card

    Box Includes:

    • 1 x Mini Camcorder
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x stents

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