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  • Why do you choose Office 365?

    Time: Mar. 26, 2019

    Probably none of us can imagine our work without such services as e-mail, calendars, spreadsheets, text processing, planners and many others. Lots of businesses are moving to cloud-based services, and probably one of the most popular is Microsoft Office 365.It includes usual Office applications,such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.,and online productivity services, like SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Groups, Delve and so on.

    Making a decision whether to start using Office 365 or not can be overwhelming. You have to consider many factors, and probably the most crucial one is to be sure that it will bring benefits to your business. We believe that O365 can bring many benefits and has loads of features,which is crucial for a modern company.Let's overview five most important ones.



    This is one of the main reasons, why Office 365 is such a good choice for modern business. Microsoft takes security extremely seriously. Some of our favorite features are data loss prevention, encrypted email, advanced threat analytics, and mobile device management. In addition, you will always have the most secure and latest version of the office suite, as it is automatically updated without additional costs.

    One more thing to consider is that all of your data will be stored in a cloud, thus it remains safe in case of some natural disaster,or from a human mistake. Office 365 enterprise package offer strong policies and security features giving customers full control of setting it security.


    Cost friendly

    Office 365 is available as a low-cost subscription, with your desktop, mobile and cloud-based apps all included. It can be less expensive when it comes to paying for licenses. With the subscription model, you will receive upgrades automatically so you don't have to pay for new software every time Microsoft issues a new release.Also, there are no expensive upfront costs.


    Remote Work

    With Office 365, you will be able to see your data anytime, anywhere and on any device, which means you can work from almost everywhere. You don’t even have to be online, to continue on your work. For example, you can finish your document offline, and then just upload it, when you are online again.


    Team Work & Productivity

    Office 365 can really benefit your overall productivity,as it allows teams to work together on different projects or documents. Your employees will be able to see the real-time changes in files and work on it at the same time.

    As everything is in the cloud, O365 is very helpful in helping you to collaborate. You can organize and share meetings, emails, and files effortlessly. Keep in mind that it also gives you a professional touch, as you will get emails connected to your domain, for example, john@yourcompany.com.


    Third Party Integrations

    Another good thing is that there are many third-party tools, which make the O365 experience even better, as Microsoft provides a supportive ecosystem for developers. From migration to security to monitoring and beyond, different tools are used for different purposes for different scenarios.

    Third-party apps can remove this knowledge gap by providing user-friendly and ready to use interface, with no need for technical configuration. In addition, it can remove the traveling time between many different Office 365 tools, by providing an all-in-one solution, where all information is gathered to one application and everything is visible in one dashboard.


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