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  • What is the best antivirus software? -Best Antivirus Software Ranked for 2022

    Time: Sep. 30, 2022

    What is the best antivirus software?

    First, our opinions are influenced by our work in the Endpoint Discovery and Response (EDR) marketplace. This is a guarantee that your consumer antivirus benchmark does not provide.


    EDR products undergo the most rigorous testing in the security market. You may never need this level of protection, but with all the insecure connections and apps that just ask to be hacked, you probably need more security than you think.


    Four of the vendors with the highest scores on these EDR tests also reviewed consumer software. These mainstream AV tools don't offer the sophisticated security of high-end corporate products, but still benefit from such high-end research and development.


    Microsoft Defender is a great free security product built into Windows 10. However, for additional protection and operating system coverage, we recommend that you pay for additional protection.


    With those limitations, here are our picks for the best antivirus products.


    Kaspersky Total Security  

    Kaspersky received an AA and 695 rating from NSS Labs this year, making it the number one enterprise endpoint security product. The company only stopped 63% of threats in the latest round of MITER testing in our analysis. With a strong research and development team, Kaspersky will use this knowledge to keep improving.


    For $ 50 a year, Kaspersky Total Security offers enterprise-grade security with many features for 5 Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. You can get it from Bzfuture.


    Microsoft Defender

    Microsoft's enterprise-class Defender Advanced Threat Protection performed extremely well in the latest MITER round of testing, blocking 86% of attacks in our analysis. Microsoft Defender does not have all of the premium commercial features, but it is free and ships with Windows 10. It is enabled by default and disabled when third-party virus protection is installed.


    Bitdefender Total Security

    Bitdefender has undergone two rounds of testing by NSS Labs in the past two years and completed an A-test in 2020 (no vendor exceeded AA). In this year's MITER tests, the vendor blocked 82% of the challenges with our calculation. It is a solid result in very difficult tests and well above some household names.


    For $ 45 per year for five devices, you can get advanced protection for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. This includes protection against advanced malware and zero-day attacks, multi-layered protection against ransomware, network firewall, VPN and other data protection measures, parental controls and anti-phishing features. , fraud and spam with minimal impact on performance. No security product is perfect, but for just under $ 4 a month, Bitdefender offers you complete and sophisticated defenses.


    Other security steps

    Security does not begin or end with AV software. You should take all other steps to protect your data, update your devices regularly, and avoid insecure public networks. All of this, and your antivirus software, can be relatively inexpensive security.

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