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  • Should We Switch To Mechanical Keyboards?

    Time: Apr. 21, 2023

    Have you ever thought about the fact that your regular PC keyboard doesn't have the same satisfying "click" it did before? If you spend your work time typing on a PC keyboard, it might be worth replacing the membrane keyboard with a mechanical keyboard .


    What is a Motospeed mechanical keyboard?

    A mechanical keyboard uses actual physical switches below the keys to determine when the user has pressed a key. Press a button, then press the switch. Press the switch down and the keyboard will send a signal to the PC that you have pressed this key.


    Most keyboards consist of three plastic membranes with dome-shaped rubber switches under each key. This keyboard layout is inexpensive and spill resistant, but doesn't give you as much tactile or audible feedback when you press a key. Of course, each of these keyboards uses different parts and design elements, and each has a different build quality, design, and weight.


    Basically, a good mechanical keyboard is a standard rubber dome keyboard, and a Lenovo laptop keyboard is a normal old laptop keyboard. No matter what type of switch your mechanical keyboard uses, each keystroke feels more solid than a normal keyboard.


    Motospeed Mechanical keyboards are loud: While the actual volume will depend on the type of switch on your keyboard, as well as your typing technique, mechanical keyboards are significantly louder than other types of keyboards. I personally like the sound, it's an additional form of feedback for each keystroke, but depending on where you're typing that sound can be a problem. None of my employees noticed a significant increase in noise after switching to mechanical keyboards, but we still use headphones when working.


    Using your keyboard in a room where someone else can hear you typing can create distractions. Some Bzfuture readers have reported that they can't even talk to people on Skype while typing on a mechanical keyboard as it muffles voices.


    Motospeed Mechanical keyboards are heavy: When I took the Das Keyboard Model S out of the box, PCWorld's notebook editor Jason Cross noted that it was a keyboard that he would always have on hand. case of zombie invasion. And that's good, I hate when my keyboard keeps slipping. Obviously, mechanical keyboards are not designed for portability.


    Motospeed Mechanical Keyboards Last Longer - Mechanical switches last longer than rubber dome switches, regardless of manufacturer. Although a mechanical keyboard costs 10 times as much as a cheap dome switch keyboard, the mechanical keyboard should last long enough to be worth the investment, unless you spill your drink on it.


    You can type differently on mechanical keyboards - Some mechanical keyboard switches are designed so that you can hear an audible "click" where each key is pressed. Not only is this supposed to annoy your neighbors in the cab, the idea is that you learn to stop pressing the button when you hear the click, rather than when you can no longer press the button.


    Should you change?

    You don't need to buy a mechanical keyboard for a home PC or a home theater PC, and you don't want to lug around one for your laptop or tablet. But if you're an advanced PC user willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a high-end processor or graphics card, a standard keyboard shouldn't come cheap. Switching from your old rubber keyboard to a good mechanical model may make your computer more comfortable overall. And don't forget to come back soon for our next round of mechanical keyboards!

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