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  • Bzfuture Autofull Pink Gaming Chair is being redesigned

    Time: Jul. 21, 2022

    Bzfuture Autofull gaming chair sales this holiday season are more than double what they were a year ago. But this unlikely duo have created the cutest gaming chair you've ever seen. It is available in a limited edition for $ 299 on the Bzfuture website. It's not cheap, no, so if you're thinking of taking a chance before Pink's cute gaming chairs are out of stock, you'll probably want to know if it's worth it.


    My new favorite gaming chair

    I admit I approached this with a bias. I love MapleStory and I think Pink Bean is the cutest thing out there. In fact, I still remember how excited I was about the Pink Bean character creation event a few years ago.



    The chair arrived in a fairly heavy box, and yes, it did need to be assembled. It's not really my forte, but luckily there was a helpful manual available and it only took me a few minutes to fully assemble the chair and get it ready for use.


    Construction and appearance

    The overall structure of the chair is similar to an office chair. It is light, easy to move from point to point and rotates. I carefully checked every square inch of the chair and was satisfied that there was no damage in transit. The PU leather has a nice texture and of course the pink, purple and white backing with the Pink Bean face is adorable.



    Comfort and ergonomics

    As cute as a chair looks, the real test is whether it is functional or not. Is the MapleStory Pink Bean chair up to the task of giving you hours of comfort during long gaming sessions?


    I sank into the high-density form and was immediately satisfied when I felt the padding on the chair adjust to my body. With the pressure lever under the seat, I was able to adjust the height exactly to my needs. But what really impressed me is that this chair comes with a few accessories to make it more ergonomic, namely a lumbar pillow and a headrest.


    I was very satisfied with the lumbar support. The headrest was a bit high for me as I prefer to use it as a headrest, but I think it will be perfect for many players. You can slide it up or down to a certain point as needed so that you can take it to where it gave me good support. Both the lumbar support and the headrest are removable. Whether you use them or not is completely up to you.


    Benefits of the Autofull Pink gaming chair:

    This chair is just adorable. Seriously, there is nothing more kawaii than these people.

    The assembly is quick and easy, although it is not very comfortable.

    The high-density foam padding is super comfortable and the addition of a lumbar support pillow and adjustable headrest makes the chair ergonomic for longer gaming sessions.

    Pink & White makes a photogenic treasure

    Pink headrest, lumbar support and mouse pad

    Cute bunny ears and fluffy bunny tail

    Upgraded Adjustable White Gaming Armrests


    I wanted to love this chair. And guess what? I've done! $ 299 is a steep price, but it's pretty much my ultimate gaming chair. It goes great with my kawaii decor, gives me the comfortable, ergonomic support I need, and allows me to snuggle into Pink Bean while I play. If you can balance it, you can't go wrong. Don't wait long to order as these limited edition chairs sell out quickly.


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