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  • Antivirus Software: How to Choose the Right Protection for Your Android, Mac or Windows System

    Time: Jan. 23, 2020



    Whether your computer or device runs Android, Mac or Windows, cybercriminals have

    sophisticated attacks to target machines across operating systems (OS). It's important to

    choose antivirus software that's designed for your OS and tailored to your computing behaviors.


    Not all antivirus software is created equal, so there are many factors to consider. There's

    nothing worse than perusing the Internet only to have your computer slow to a crawl as your

    antivirus software "thinks" about your decisions. If the software happens to detect a problem,

    is it going to fix it without making you take 20 complicated steps?


    Poorly designed antivirus software can be as useless as a bike without wheels. The last things

    you want to deal with when your information is at stake are errors, crashes and botched attempts

    to protect against cybersecurity threats. Here's a guide to choosing antivirus software, including

    common pitfalls and recommendations.





    Consider Software with a Light System Load


    With antivirus software running in your computer's background all the time, it's important

    that it performs efficiently. Effective products are capable of scanning during a variety of tasks,



      ·File copying


     ·Archiving and unarchiving


    ·Installing/uninstalling applications


    ·Launching applications


    ·Downloading files


    ·Browsing websites


    Not all security software performs perfectly across testcases. However, you'll notice some

    programs are more efficient at certain tasks than others. Pick software with features that are

    tailored to the type of computing you're most commonly doing.


    In addition, consider choosing a comprehensive package that you can customize to suit your

    needs later on, should they change. Even if you think you might not need a certain feature now,

    it may become helpful in the future.





    Choose an Antivirus Program That's Easy to Use


    One way to open yourself up to attacks and vulnerabilities is to purchase antivirus software and

    turn it off because it's too complicated to use. Worse yet, people often let the programs run but

    fail to keep them updated with the latest software releases.


    Most people aren't cybersecurity professionals, let alone well-versed in the inner workings of

    antivirus programs and settings. You don't necessarily need a program to setup firewalls or run

    side programs that take up half of the average computer's computing resources. It depends on the

    type of computing you do and if you keep sensitive data on your machine, like patient records or

    corporate finance documents.


    The basic features you'll want automated for you include software that updates, patches and re-configures

    on the fly without your intervention. Another bonus is a program with a nice user interface so you can quickly

    determine if a threat's been detected and remediated.


    Customer support is an important component of increasing a program's usability, too. People often

    choose free software and, when they run into issues later on, don't have access to assistance that helps

    them solve their problems.


    Even if you aren't well-versed in using antivirus programs, having access to competent customer support

    teams can help you get the most from the software. You'll have more peace of mind and confidence that

    your system is well-protected, too.





    Figure Out What Works in Detecting and Removing Malware


    Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, so it's impossible to rely on antivirus software to

    protect your computer against every piece of malware, spyware or adware. But some

    tools are better than others. The threat detection and remediation of products also varies

    across operating systems.


    The best Mac antivirus software is not necessarily the best performing software on a PC.

    Read up-to-date news and testing analyses from reputable bloggers and trusted news sources

    to determine the most current, high-performing programs for your OS.







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